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Maintenance Tips

Electrical:  Use a Surge Protector and keep plugs and terminals clean.

Watch this short video to see the benefits of using a Surge Protector:  

Water:  Always use a water regulator and turn your water off when leaving

the camper.

Sewer:  When flushing your black tank, do not leave it unattended.  It could

rupture the tank or flood your unit.

Awnings:  If you aren't under it, close it!

LP Alarm:  Must be replaced every 5 years

LP Gas:  If you smell gas, turn off the gas valve.

Fire Extinguisher:  I reccommend adding an ABC extinguisher in the bedroom

and kitchen area.  Turn them upside down and shake them from time to time

to loosen the powder inside.

Tires:  Should be replaced every 4-5 years.  

Generator:  Start generator every 2-3 weeks and put it under load by running

AC, Electric Heater, or both as needed.  Allow to run 15-30 minutes.

Chassis Engine:  Start every 2 weeks.  Let idle for 15-20 minutes.

Roof:  Should be checked annually and caulk replaced or coated as needed.  

Common Questions

QUESTION:  My TV is "snowy".  Why?

ANSWER:  Check to make sure the power booster is off and recheck all your


QUESTION:  I don't have any hot water.

ANSWER:  Check to make sure you took it out of bypass from winterization.